Nina & Tony’s Coast to Coast-final day

Our final day began with a great breakfast at our B&B, after which we set off with a plan to meet John’s girlfriend in Chester Le Street.
After a bit of an argument about which way we should go (I was right-for the record) we set off.
What should have been an easy day of cycling was hard after the 2 previous days.
A short break in Chester Le Street kept us going for the last few miles.
Of course in the very last few miles John decided to race off to the finish. However, when we got there a few minutes later-Tony waited for me, John was 3 benches short of the official line. So we waved to him on our way to the finish line.
The weather was amazing, the company questionable. We are happy we made it and gratfeul to everyone who sponsored us. Our current total is about £550.






Nina & Tony’s C2C day two

We began the journey from Penrith with an uphill climb out of the town, which I thought was hard, I had no idea how much more difficult the ride was going to get.
It was 10 hours until we were to reach our final destination in Consett.
Hartside cafe looked like a good place to stop for a break on the map but to get there was our biggest climb so far-about 20km. I spotted the cafe half way up and realised how much further we still had to go.
To get to the cafe we has to join a busy A road-a favourite with Motorcyclists it seems. The incline to the road was pretty steep and I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it, I was right! I started to roll back and enjoyed my second fall from the bike. Tony helped me up the last climb with encouragement and a bit of pushing.
Finally we had reached the cafe and I thought “at least all the hard climbing is done” I was so wrong, we had more climbing to Nenthead, Allenhead and out of Rookhope.
In Stanhope there were two route options. We picked the wrong one-a 17% incline on a busy A road and we were both thinking “this cannot be right” and it was at this point Tony lost the plot and my neck was really hurting from where my chin bounced of the car. We’d had enough but we still had 12 miles to go.
Thankfully there was a turn of onto the Waskerley way which was such a pleasurable path that we had some new found energy.
John had decided to go off on his own, which got him here 20 mins before us, and arrived after a 2 mile walk with a puncture(we had the pump).
It was a hard day but there were some great views and some funny moments.





Nina and Tonys coast to coast

We set off from Whitehaven after a long drive up from Warrington.
Amazingly the weather was great with blue skies and sunshine all day.
Progress was steady and we aimed to have our first proper break at Keswick.
However,our good luck was not to last as while passing Whinlatter forest enjoying a downhill Nina was hit by a car! Luckily it was a slow speed incident but it shocked her nonetheless and she now has a considerable bruise on her leg.
After Keswick it seemed that most of the cycling was uphill and my Brother, John, was struggling. Luckily Nina was there to encourage him up the torturous inclines.
We eventually made it to our first nights accommodation at Jubilee house, the rehabilitation centre for injured Firefighters, this was a welcome relief for our tired legs.
Day one was over and tomorrow looks that it might be tougher and longer.





Create a photo sphere in 5 easy steps

ImageI was asked by my Daughter’s school to create a logo for their Eco-team. I created a photo sphere for them and I am going to share with you how to do it. It is so simple yet so effective, once you have taken the image it only takes about 10 minutes to create. Most of you should have the tools necessary to do this. Here we go:

Step 1: Take a panoramic picture (the easiest way is using a smart phone or the panoramic function on your digital camera.)

Step 2: Download GIMP (It’s free-bonus!) and open your image in GIMP

Step 3: Scale image to square size (Make sure you disconnect the chain as per image)Screenshot 2014-02-12 19.55.21

Step 4: Follow these commands Image->Transform->Rotate 180 degrees

Step 5: And then follow these commands Filter->Distort->Polar Coordinates

Et voila!