The First Dance

The first dance is a great part of any Wedding. Any nerves or anxiety during the speeches and Wedding ceremony are long gone and the Bride and Groom can enjoy this traditional moment together, made more special and personal by their dance moves and song choice. Here are a few of my favourites.


Bridal bouquets and more

As I am a garden photographer, and gardener, as well as a Wedding photographer I am drawn towards photographing the beauty of the flowers at Weddings. I love the colour combinations and the natural elegance of them.

Little ones at Weddings

Weddings would not be the same without children. They look so sweet in their little outfits, and I love to photograph them as they are so unselfconscious about having their picture taken. The little girl with the camera was very shy at the Wedding ceremony but at the evening reception she was my best friend and my photographic assistant for the speeches.