I have just returned from a very short and enjoyable trip to Los Angeles with my sister, who thinks I am a weirdo attracter after the people we encountered whilst there. Here are a few of my favoLA-50urite pictures from the trip.

We stayed in Pasadena. From there we went on the bus to the Warner Bros. Studio. Normally I am not that fussed about cars, but when I saw the cars from movies I was so excited, to the point where the tour LA-55guide was trying to usher me out. They included 3 Batmobiles, The Gran Torino car, The Austin Powers Jaguar and The General Lee, from Dukes of Hazard. Whilst there we also saw the Friends set.

We visited the Farmers Market and got some delicious lunch. And I briefly saw the Hollywood sign. Still jet lagged. Time for bed.  LA-54LA-75LA-76    LA-77LA-81 LA-78  LA-108LA-92  LA-90LA-97  LA-112 LA-116 LA-120 LA-126